We are committed to providing an affordable and safe place to live.​

The Safe Pastures Family Home is located in a residential neighborhood between two college campuses - with private and semi-private bedrooms & common areas.  We share responsibilities for its upkeep and cleanliness. The Founder and Executive Director lives on-site for each resident as she develops self-discipline and interpersonal skills in this community atmosphere. The ultimate goal of on-site housing is that we can provide a stable place where women can focus more on their personal goals rather than their personal safety.


Safe Pastures Family Home is not a shelter and does not provide temporary housing for individuals in crisis. Instead, we are focused on providing long-term solutions to self-sustainment -- a process that takes time. Those who complete our program stay an average of 18 - 24 months. However, length of stay is worked out with each individual resident based on her needs and goals; it may take more or less time.

A Private Space